Volume 2, Issue #1 (March 24, 2017)
By: Phil Parent


Hello, and welcome to the first issue of the rebirth of the Fire Pro Club Newsletter! My name is Phil Parent and I’ll be the editor of the newsletter.

The aim of the newsletter is making sure the Fire Pro fans, whether diehard or new to the scene, do not miss any news and have all the recent info in one easy to read report, with links allowing to access the news where it can be found. We will cover official news on the game, news on edit packs and mods, as well as provide links to videos of sims & competitive matches & news on e-feds.

I would like the newsletter to feature opinion pieces, tutorials, and articles on the series or on the professional wrestling scene covered by it. If you are interested in writing for the FPC Newsletter, contact me on Twitter at @fireproclub .

Thanks, and enjoy the news as we get closer to the release window of FPW!



 Spike Chunsoft’s Tomozo Kantoku (@tomozou_kantoku) was active on Twitter this week. On 03/20, he posted comparative screenshots of the crowd as seen in FPR and the crowd as it will be in FPW. (…/status/844049701427068928) It shows the FPW crowd to be less blurry and more detailed, built from Edit Mode pieces. There are speculations that the crowd might be dynamically produced, but this has not been confirmed.

 Project director Tomoyuki Matsumoto also posted this week. He posted a gif showing the animation of Chris Jericho’s Codebreaker, a new move to be featured in FPW. (…/status/844407393274544128) He also posted a picture of Fire Pro Wrestling Card Bout (2001) cards, calling them valuable. (…/status/845114563095756801)

 Writer Bryan Rose of Motherboard, an online magazine published by Vice, authored a short article on the dedication of the Fire Pro community entitled “A Community of Mega Fans Won’t Let This Decade-Old Pro Wrestling Game Die”, a fitting title if there ever was one. It talks about the reaction of the fans to the announcement of the new game, including quotes from many members of the Arena ( and mentions why the diehard Fire Pro fans are hooked to the game, primarily customization. Fire Pro Arena member unimportantguy closes the article by expressing hope that Fire Pro World will bring new eyes to the series. (…/a-community-of-mega-fans-won…)

 Fire Pro Club member Ron McRae has succesfully completed his fundraiser to pay for Fire Pro Club shirts that he will deliver to the staff of Spike Chunsoft when he visits Tokyo in April. McRae sold all 12 shirts he will bring along, and has also sold the shirt to many Club members on its Facebook page. ( Spike Chunsoft’s social media person has acknowledged the upcoming visit and has reached out to both McRae and the Fire Pro Club. Long-time Fire Pro fan and former WWE/WCW/ECW star Stevie Richards will also receive a shirt.

 Podcaster and Fire Pro fan Ian Ferguson (@pxlsicle) (, with fellow fan Pat Contri) has been diagnosed with Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome. Ian has long awaited a diagnosis to explain the pains he felt, and after multiple procedures, he finally got it and is now having treatment. The Fire Pro community wishes Ian well!


 AJ Kelly (@aj_187), better known as Freem, has continued work on his Fire Pro R tools. His FPR Wrestler Tool, allowing to import and modify raw FPR saves and export edits to HTML formula, was updated and is now quite stable and usable. He has also updated on his logo tool. Freem’s Wrestler Tool is seen as a very important program as it makes porting FPR work to World that much simpler.

 On March 22nd, Pete “DJKM” Costanza, arguably the most prolific edit maker in the community’s history with over 7000 edits produced over a decade, posted an introductory post on the Fire Pro Club facebook page wishing to expose his work to new eyes as people hear of the series during the ramp up to the release of Fire Pro World. DJKM has not commited to supporting World yet, as porting his whole work would take a tremendous amount of time, but has said he will see how the new game is. He continues to support FPR. (

 On March 20th, Lord Worm ( announced he was ending his Fire Pro Wrestling Returns support. The active 10-year veteran edit maker who has near 700 edits to his credit and is well-known for his use of formulas on top of saves, is getting ready to support Fire Pro World.

 Veteran edit maker Phil Parent (@philparentrx, @fireproclub) has left the MLB The Show modding scene, centered at Operation Sports, after 4 years to return full-time to the Fire Pro scene. He has started preparations for his support of Fire Pro World. He is at work making the 40-some edits missing to complete the Fire Pro/KOC series canon which he covers in his FPR RaveX Anthology save. The Fire Pro Anthology save for World is looking at being a 600 edits save covering every character in the series.


Coverage begins next issue!


Coverage begins next issue!