Firepro On Kotaku!!

Well… We are on week in an were off to a crazy start. Over 3,000 edits of every possible realm of the imagination. From power rangers, to spongebob (he looks pretty creepy) and tons and tons of wrestlers. And top it off an article by KOTAKU.   They did a great job conveying to the […]

Firepro Club lands in Japan

Club member Ron McRae had a dream. That dream was to get a bunch of firepro club shirts made, start a fundraiser to pay for the shirts for the spike development team and hand deliver them to the spike office in Japan. And make all this happen in about 2 week to coincide with his […]

Limitless Edit Slots??????

The buzz today that at least the PC version and probably the PS4 version will have limitless edit slot. That means if you want a power rangers division SO BE IT! you want to make my favorite president James K. Polk battle JFK, have at it!